MULTI PLICATION Learn it easy!

MULTI PLICATION Learn it easy!

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When did you learn it?

5-10 years old? 

Did it take time?

was it painful?

For most of us it was painful,

but even more painful for the parents that have to go

through randomly the list of the table of 3, of 8 of 6 etc...


So what would be easier than letting the child play with the cards,

reading them, trying between themselves to compete in an environment

that really motivates any child to learn more and to be faster to beat the class mates next day ?

Here it is again, just try it and see for your self!

It has been tested in classrooms and it always gives result!

Just a warning, next class the kids will want to play the game!

Wow! Why didn't that happen before? 

But be aware, it can become loud, as when people have fun!